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Grocers Service

Delivering fresh supermarket food, at a fraction of normal store prices.

Registrations are closed

Registrations for new grocery customers are not currently open but if you'd like to know when they reopen please fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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Our community grocers service.

We go beyond traditional food distribution. Choose from a wide range of fresh, nutritious options, tailoring selections to meet unique needs and preferences. By empowering choice, we foster a sense of unity, where everyone feels valued and respected.

How does it work?

Take control of your grocery budget. The weekly cost is dependent on the size of your household. Choose from ambient goods, meat, fish, dairy and prepared meals. All orders are delivered to your door and include fruit & veg. Some items may be beyond their Best Before date but never beyond their Use By date. If we wouldn’t eat it, we won’t send it.

What are the costs?

There is a yearly membership fee of £5. The price list below details cost per household including delivery. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept households of more than 8 persons at this time.

Grocers Price List

Single Adult £6.75
Couple £8.75
Three People £10.75
Four People £12.75
Five People £14.75
Six People £16.75
Seven People £18.75
Eight People £20.75

Our delivery area

Our delivery area covers Bury, Rochdale, Manchester, Stockport, Trafford & Salford.

Monday: Rochdale & Trafford
Tuesday: Salford
Wednesday: Bury & North Manchester
Thursday: Central & South Manchester
Friday: Stockport
Delivery Area