Head Human for Platespinning and Storytelling

Lewey is originally a Yorkshireman but has been in Manchester for so long now that he feels like he might be close to earning his Mancunian stripes. He founded Humans MCR as a direct result of experiencing food poverty and insecurity and the damage that it can do to both mental and physical health and his aim to start a chain of events that bring about long-lasting change for some of Manchester’s most vulnerable residents. If Lewey could teach the world a lesson today it would be that food poverty is created by humankind and can be overcome by humankind; it just needs some human kindness.

Our Urban Gardening project has been whirring around in Lewey’s mind for years so he’s dead keen to get started because sending out food parcels is only one part of the solution to food poverty and to really nail it the approach has to be 360 degree. This time next year he wants Humans MCR to be settled into some permanent premises with our sustainability projects running successfully.

If Lewey could have one local celebrity (dead or alive) visit Humans MCR he would choose Alan Turing. He said this about the local genius “A man that changed so much and was punished so brutally for his want to live freely. I’d love to have a brew with him, if only so I could let him know that things have and are slowly changing. To be able to show him how much of a hero he is would be an amazing privilege.”