Head Human for Wizardy Magic

Rachel is a born and raised Wiganer who moved to Manchester in 2013, and immediately fell in love with the city. She founded Humans MCR having been in a tricky financial position herself, and having been lucky enough to have family to help out, it got her thinking about the thousands of Mancunians living in food poverty who may not have access to any support. Humans MCR was born from a desire to change the situations of so many people in our wonderful city.

She sees a lot of potential in some of the most deprived areas of the city, and would love to see these places able to fulfil this potential, as she thinks short-term solutions are great and much-needed, but without some sustainability, the short-term solutions will continue to be needed. If Rachel could teach the world a lesson today, it would be that nobody needs to suffer in 2020, and together as a community we have the power to make some lasting change.

Rachel can’t wait to get started on Humans MCR’s Teatime Team project; as a mother herself, she can’t stand the thought that children are still going to bed without a full belly in Manchester, and she’s confident that the Humans MCR team can do something about this. She dreams that next year, Humans MCR is continuing their amazing work with the food bank on-wheels, and that their future projects have been able to change the circumstances of many families and individuals across the region. Rachel would love to see Dolly-Rose Campbell visit Humans HQ, because as well as being a huge Corrie fan, she has been inspired by her charity work, particularly with food banks, throughout the Coronavirus crisis whilst filming was paused, and thinks it’s great that she turned such a negative situation into something positive.